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Why are luxury scented candles expensive?

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Luxury Scented Candles are a treat for yourself and guests, the indulgence of aroma, and the amenity of beautifully scented candles are defined opulence throughout households worldwide. In the UK, eight million people (wait, let me rephrase – as little as 8 million people in the UK alone) use scented candles instead of an air freshener. Here is a “Scent for Thought”: the people who use air fresheners and luxury- scented candles together in their homes are not even “in” this statistic.

The mood set by a luxury-scented candle in the cold winter evenings is a privilege, to say the least. Upgrading your mood with the simple light of a match. Always be aware of the industry extortion of paying for your favourite candles brand name and nothing else. Candles being created for 4.99 and selling for 99.99 is commonplace. Pay for the candle quality not for the candles brand name.

Why are scented candles expensive?

Luxury scented candles have priced a touch higher than the typical ones; the reason is not always a Brand. Wax, scent, artiste, selection of oils, and being hand- made are a few factors to name. Here is our take on why scented candles are costly?

Natural Soy/coconut wax

What makes a beautiful lit candle? The answer is coconut oil blended with natural soy wax. Coconut wax on its own is a must-read story in itself. The coconut oil is naturally processed to melt high, and the resultant flammable wax is nothing less than a miracle.

Quick facts of Coconuts wax: Producing coconut wax is not associated with deforestation. Coconut wax also burns cleaner than other waxes.

Natural Soybean Wax is considered the second most popular wax for scented candles. The widely accepted ‘natural’ soy is a treat to behold because of the delicacy of the organic process. Once harvested, the beans are cleaned and turned into flakes. Natural oil is extracted and hydrogenated10. This process saturates the fatty acids in the oil. Intriguing, right? Therefore, the scented candles are pricey than others.

Natural fragrance

The natural aromatics such as essential oils, distillates, or a combination of oil and resin make the natural fragrances. Candle enthusiasts do not like synthetic fragrances, though cheaper than natural scents.

Essential oils

The birthplace of essential oils was ancient Egypt. Modern history has seen the cultivation of plants exclusively for their essential oils. The essence of those natural plants is stored in oils, which represents the smell and flavour of the source plant. Lavender, Rose, Cedar wood, and Grapefruit are a few examples of Essential oils. Embalming these into candle wax comes at a cost; therefore, scented candles are expensive.

Artisan candles

The artisanal candles created by the craftsmen are luxury scented candles. These artisans work with peculiar ingredients and specific temperatures to create those candles. The incandescence process of hand-made candles makes the scented candles costly.

If you have any thoughts on what makes your favourite candle your favourite let us know in the comments below.

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