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Are scented candles bad for you?

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One of the internet’s most frequently asked candle related questions is… are scented candles bad for you. Like everything in this world there is the good the bad and the better, that includes what goes into your favorite scented candles. The candle industry is full of green washing labels and packaging promises that fall apart with every step taken.

One doesn’t have to look too far to find out how many candle brands use old and outdated ways of extracting and sourcing ingredients and then to packaging them up as if to look organically crafted.        Candle consumers pay high prices for brand names and packaging most likely filled with paraffin waxes and synthetic fragrances filled with parabens and platelets. All of which defeats the purpose and value of a premium handcrafted and hand-poured luxury candle. Candles aren’t made to be hazardous, bad for the environment, and or potentially your health. 

Negligent to the process of how paraffin wax is sourced, a derivative of crude oil (highly unsustainable), in a time of global and cultural sustainability and further unaware of the potential health hazards your favorite scented candle may be causing you… the candle industry is stacked with synthetic and paraffin derived products both carcinogens and carcinogenic when inhaled, potentially bad for you and bad for the environment.  Do you know the difference between paraffin wax and natural waxes? 

We all have our favorite candle brand; the type of wax used, fragrance profile, wick, bespoke label and packaging. The refreshing output created from a quality aroma candle is a form of meditation embedded within many personal wellness routines. A quality candle using premium ingredients instantly recogniseable from a cheaper alternative. Synthetic fragrances and waxes create a synthetic scent profile effecting both the hot and cold throw. 

Not all people and or pets can enjoy the luxury of a scented experience for medical reasons depending on what’s hiding in your candle. These possible conditions include allergic reactions, sudden sneezing, and light headaches as the synthetic makeup of your candle causes reactions directly related to synthetic ingredients. Compared to luxury candles using 100% natural waxes, natural fragrances and essential oil blends, quality scents when lit travel throughout the house without overpowering a room’s ambiance or environment. Jacobbears scented candles were made with this effect in mind. 

Therefore, it is important, as consumers of 2020, to understand what goes into your favourite candle and how its made, and we recommend depending what you’re looking for, always check the label, packaging, type of wax used and fragrance infused.  

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