Handcrafted in the garden of Ireland

Created by health conscious, environmentally cautious seasoned candle fanatics, our candles are contemporary in design, uncompromised attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability. Only the finest, eco-friendly ingredients are sourced to create Jacobbear’s expanding range of luxury scented candles. Handcrafted in the garden of Ireland, Jacobbear’s luxury scented candles are aimed at inspired and self-motivated individuals who enjoy a scented experience from site to shelf. Jacobbear aims to become more than a scented candle. Instead, it is a scented experience seamlessly incorporating itself into your daily routine and “actively inspiring” through the power of scent.

Transparency is who we are
and what we do.

Why Jacob…

Within us all lies the Jacobsons organ. Situated in the nasal passage, located on the roof of the mouth. It detects certain scent particles floating in the air.

Why Bear...

The bear has the ultimate sense of smell, the best in the animal kingdom and 2,100 times better than a human. Fitting for a candle.

Jacobbear Scented Candles

In-house, master blenders strive to provide you with a quality candle that from start to finish is devoted to sourcing only the highest quality natural ingredients. You can find us on instagram @Jacobearcandles and or FB @Jacobbearcandles for some extra content and or if you have any queries don’t be afraid to get in touch. 

Earthy, citrus, fresh and floral scents are infused in our expanding range of scented candles. If you’re looking for your favourite Pina colada or chocolate fudge scent you’re in the wrong place, as delicious as they can be. Jacobbears candles use only the most naturally derived scents infused into a quality soy and coconut wax blend. Endless hours of research have resulted in each scent combination carefully selected and even colour coded packaging and design, matching the natural scent and infused essential oils with their desired output in mind. Jacobbear candles are the perfect companion for any scented candle enthusiasts.

Every aspect of JBs candle is distinct and exclusive in design. The cambridge matte black container adds a look and touch of class and has the potential for a variety of uses once the candle is finished. The premium metal lid allowing the candle take its place on any surface top while maintaining the longevity of the hot and cold scent throw. The bespoke label design sure to attract the wandering eye while a subtle and elegant crackling wooden wick adds a layer of acoustic ambiance to any room. 

Every detail has been carefully selected to bring you a one of a kind scented candle and place Jacobbear as one best scented candles you can buy. We think the best (yes, a tad biased), and at affordable price compared to other luxury candles on the market.