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The Best Uplifting Scented Candles.

Mood Enhancing candles, scents, and essential oils that help uplift and rejuvenate your day

Today we’ll be sharing some candle knowledge that I think makes for some of the best uplifting and mood-enhancing candles for your wellness routine.

We’ve all been there! After a frustrating and nerve-racking day, we need an uplift to embolden the evening. That rejuvenation comes from our C rule! “The Rule of Three C’s” – candles, candles, and more candles. Energy and Mood candles create a tranquil atmosphere and a refreshing feel. Science has proven the effect of Aromatherapy to boost up the energy level and stress level (Buckle J. Aromatherapy. 1993)

Before 1879, EVERYONE used candles. Why is that? Fun Fact: Light bulb was introduced that year. In the modern era, candles have also evolved. Every tiny part, component, and cause-effect of candles has been thoroughly researched. No more ‘the only source of light’, candles help uplift and rejuvenate your day, without remorse.

Candles for positive energy

Candles have a positive effect on one’s mood by acting as an energy booster. Using candles for positive energy is not only chic but also extremely helpful. Whether you are reading a novel in your bathtub, enjoying soothing music, candles create the aroma for a positive energy lift. It is a social norm in many countries to lit ‘9 candles’ in the living room, and it is believed to stimulate positive energy. Well, nine or less, candles WILL somersault the ambiance.

Candles that Uplift

People in ancient times used candles not only to enlighten the place but also to heal the depression, bring an affirmative transformation in mood, and to uplift your energy level. Aromatherapy is a process where scented candles are used for various therapies to uplift one’s mind and body. Neroli, Lavender, Orange blossom, and our JacobBear Orange label are to name a few candles that uplift.

Uplifting essential oils

Apart from the topical application, this is a direct application of essential oils on the skin; many experts endorse the use of Uplifting Essential Oils through a sense of smell. 1/2 ounce of an uplifting essential oil combined with a pound of premium wax will have a magical effect on your mood.

Mindful Rejuvenation

Our minds are filled with commotion and ruckuses after a day at university or the office. The ‘wander-scent meets Mindful Rejuvenation’ with the mere help of burning the wooden wicks of Aroma candles is not a mile-long- run. Although I believe that positive energy needs going for an extra mile at times, you could

simply opt for ‘modern-day mediation’. Candle Mediation. You really cannot go wrong with, for instance, a Eucalyptus & Spearmint Aroma candle with Beeswax or a Coconut wax.

Orange blossom

Ever wonder why sports drinks or energy-boosting drugs are packaged and labelled in Orange colour? It is because of that fact that Orange, by nature, is warmly uplifting. Orange Blossom essential oil, the favourite of derma specialists, is equally beneficial for energy and mood.


Mindful Rejuvenation comes from mental strength, and Bergamot essential oil is something to look out for when deciding your next candle. Bergamot reduces anxiety and has impeccable neurobiological impacts on the mind and body12.

Tell us, whats your favourite scent and candle fragrance that instils positive energy and uplifts your mood?


12 Rombolà L, Tridico L, Scuteri D, et al. Bergamot Essential Oil Attenuates Anxiety-Like Behaviour in Rats. Molecules. 2017;22(4):614. Published 2017 Apr 11. doi:10.3390/molecules22040614

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