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Browse our label selection when you’re ready to buy best-scented candles online. Your destination for all-natural fragrances that will enhance the mood and energy of your surroundings. Find your ideal fragrance and then enjoy the benefits of each scents natural aromatherapeutic benefits. 100% natural, JacobBear candles are a blend of soy and coconut wax infused with essential oils and clean scents. Consciously created, our candles are synthetic-free and paraffin-free. JacobBear provides you with an easy, safe and reliable online method for customers who want to buy premium scented candles online.

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Green Eco-Friendly Scented Candles Online

Green Label Candle

Our Green label line of luxury scented candles are infused with natural fragrances and stimulating essential oils. Researches indicate that exposure to certain oils increases alertness, energy and endurance. Japanese researchers have discovered that the essential oil of lemon, bergamot or eucalyptus effectively increases the productivity of office workers.

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Red Vegan Friendly Scented Candles

Red Label Candle

Our Red label line of luxury scented candles are infused with natural fragrances and relaxing essential oils aimed at destressing even the busiest of days. Stress-induced anxiety is extremely common and our expanding red label line aim to induce deep rest and relaxation through a calming scented experience.

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Best Orange Scented Candles

Orange Label Candle

Our Orange label line of scented candles infused with natural fragrances and essential oils intends to rejuvenate lost energy while uplifting the atmosphere of any environment. Sweet orange and bergamot essential oils combine together to enhance the mood of any room and while the distinct orange blossom instantly recognisable.

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