Citron & Mandarin Scented candle 10 oz

[35-40 Hours Burn Time]

Infuse your home with the ultimate zesty fragrance and essential oil blend. Celebrate outdoor festivities with the lightness and energy of the grapefruit, orange, and lemon essential oils. Activate the power of scent and embrace the energy of the Citron & Mandarin scented candle.

Top notes of orange and peach blend into a burst of sweetness. Every layer of scent unfolds another level of invigoration. Rounding out this candle is the relaxing scent of vanilla, bringing the citrusy-sweet expressions of our Citron & Mandarin scented candle to a comforting and calming completion.


Why Jacobbear candles?

  • 100% Natural Soy & Coconut Wax
  • Scent Loaded
  • Active Scent [Aromatherapy]
  • Eco & Vegan Friendly
  • Synthetic & Paraffin Free


Scent Profile

A vibrant citrus fragrance top notes of grapefruit, lemony citron, and mandarin blend with touches of peach, orange, and delicate cyclamen for an irresistible burst of brightness.

Base profile:

› Top: Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin

› Middle: Orange, Peach

› Base: Vanilla

Essential oils + Aromatherapy Benefit

Enjoy the combination of scents while reaping the rewards of their uplifting effects. Our Citron & Mandarin scented candle is a vibrant collection of natural fragrances and essential oils. The energizing freshness of grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin enhance the energy and feeling of  any space.

Lemon Essential Oil:

Orange Essential Oil:

Grapefruit Essential Oil:


Scent is incredibly powerful to the human body and can affect our mood, spark memories and even improve our cognition. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy;

How to Use