Premium Wax

To make our Eco-luxury scented candles we use a natural and sustainable coconut and soy wax blend. Compared to unsustainable and cheaper paraffin wax which releases toxic compounds into the air not only are they damaging the environment but our health, too. Soy and coconut wax, while a little more expensive, creates quality candles that are clean-burning and come from a renewable resource.

Quality Fragrance

JacobBear utilises the most modern and up to-date technology to infuse each scented candle, with the finest nature inspired natural fragrances that are carefully selected and intricately infused with  actively inspiring essential oils producing a unique blend of bespoke fragrances that suit every room and mood.

Clean Scents & Scent Loaded

10% … not 6% or 8%. Jacobbear candles are fragranced at an industry high of 10% supplying our candles with an unmatched scent profile and the infusion of essential oils creates active scents that can be incorporated throughout your daily routine. Additionally all of our scents are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in candle fragrances. Choose Clean Scents that are 100% Platelet-free thus creating safer home fragrance products you can enjoy with confidence. 

Wooden Wick

More difficult to use then a normal wick, wooden wicks define luxury candles. Hours and weeks of testing must be put in to find the perfect synergy between wax, wick and fragrance. When perfected, the crackling of a wooden wick with the additional burn time, reduced soot and enhanced hot throw makes all the difference in differentiating between scented and luxury scented candle.

Premium Container and Lid

JacobBears luxury candles are let sit for two-three weeks at a time. We use a premium Cambridge glass container externally painted with a matte finish ensuring a touch of class. Topped with a state of the art lid that protects surfaces and ensures wax and fragrance longevity.