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Eco-Luxury Candles Infused With Essential Oils.

Eco-Luxury Essential Oil Candles

Luxury Irish candles. Handcrafted in Wicklow.

Essential Oils in Candles

While it may seem to be a relatively new trend, essential oils in candles are embedded in the candle making craft. A convenient method of engaging aromatherapy in everyday life, lighting candles with essential oils is a popular trend likely here to stay.

What is Essential Oil?

Concentrated oils made from plants and quickly evaporated at room temperature, essential oils contain the plant’s fragrance’s essence. Extracted by distillation, essential oils are most often gained via steam. Still, they can also be removed by other processes, including expression, resin tapping, or cold pressing.

Essential Oil Uses

Used in perfumes, soaps, or candles and many other products, essential oils are unlike fragrance in that they are derived from plants instead of occurring as a derivative of a chemical component. As part of the alternative medicine known as aromatherapy, essential oils can be used to create healing effects ascribed to aromas.

History of Essential Oils

Dating back to the thirteenth century, essential oils have been a part of folk medicine for centuries. Thanks to aromatherapy’s popularity, a focus on essential oils has increased in the last few decades. Either evaporated, diluted in a carrier oil, diffused by a nebulizer, heated over a flame, or burned as incense, essential oils can also be used for massage therapy.

Essential Oils in Candles

Unlike fragrance oils, essential oils are extracted from a natural source. Fragrance oils mix some natural and some synthetic components to create a “natural” fragrance. Capturing a plant’s essence, essential oils provide a concentrated and all-natural version of a natural fragrance. By infusing a candle with essential oils, one can reap the aromatherapy benefits by merely lighting the candle. Eucalyptus, jasmine, and orange blossom are three popular essential oils for candles.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Candle

By burning a candle infused with eucalyptus essential oil, one can release the oil into the air and into your respiratory system. From there, the eucalyptus can open sinuses and thereby relieve sinus headaches. Those suffering from allergies or sinusitis infections will find relief with this essential oil. A stimulant to the senses, eucalyptus is a part of the holistic treatment healers use for various disorders and diseases.

Jasmine Essential Oil Candle

Providing a beautiful floral scent, a jasmine essential oil candle fragrance promotes a sense of well-being and romance. Thought to calm the nervous system without causing sleepiness, the jasmine essential oil fragrance is unlike other essential oils used for anxiety. Promoting feelings of joy and ease, jasmine essential oil candle fragrance improves energy levels, as well as improves positive feelings. Citrus-scented essential oil candles can help those who struggle with depression or even those who simply want to maintain positivity.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil Candle

Like the essential oil of jasmine, orange blossom’s essential oil fragrance reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. A study from 2013 showed orange blossom aromatherapy reduced the pulse rate and stress hormone levels in children undergoing a dental procedure.

Depending on the aromatherapy benefits, one can burn essential oil candles for a variety of uses. Eucalyptus, jasmine, and orange blossom are only a handful of the fragrances available, offering aromatherapy benefits.

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