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The best Irish candles to buy online

Scented candles online.

An Irish candle comparison. Taking the guesswork out of your next online candle purchase.

With innumerable choices in Irish candles, you may not know where to begin in choosing the best scented candles of Ireland. The variety of scents alone may leave your head – and your nose – spinning from an assortment of fragrances. We’ve sorted out the top luxury brands by narrowing down the choices to Irish candles online. Then, we’ve divided up your online choices by categories including 100% natural ingredients, sizes and prices of candles, packaging of candles, and the cost of shipping. We hope this comparison helps you decide which is the best Irish candles to buy online.

100% Natural

  • Max Benjamin: Max Benjamin candles are made from 100% natural resources. The wax is a blend of soy and renewable plant-based waxes. Made of renewable and sustainable resources, their candles do not contain paraffin and are biodegradable. They are both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
  • La Bougie: While La Bougie hand pours their candles with a proprietary blend of wax, there is no mention of the wax consisting of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Lovato: Hand-poured in Cork, Ireland, Lovato uses 100% natural soy wax and the highest of quality fragrance oils.
  • JacobBear: 100% natural soy and coconut wax blend, JacobBear candles feature natural fragrances infused with carefully selected essential oils. They are free of synthetics and paraffins, as well as vegan friendly and eco-friendly.

Sizes & Prices

  • Max Benjamin: Although Max Benjamin does not list their candle wax weight, they do list a minimum of 40 hours burn for €30 with a lid and €25 without a lid.
  • La Bougie: La Bougie candles are 220 grams with 50 hours burn for €25.
  • Lovato: The smallest of the choices, Lovato candles are 140 grams with 27 hours burn for  €20. There is also a 215-gram option with 46 hours burn for €23.
  • JacobBear: The largest of the Irish candles, JacobBear candles are 298 grams with 50 hours burn for €36.

Containers & Lids

  • Max Benjamin While the Max Benjamin White Christmas candles does include a gold lid, its other candles do not include a lid. The lid increases the price of the candle.
  • La Bougie: La Bougie only offers candles in a container without a lid.
  • Lovato: Lovato offers both candles with a lid and candles without. The candles with a lid are €23 for 215 grams with 46 hours burn. The candles without a lid are €20 for 140 grams with 27 hours burn.
  • JacobBear: JacobBear houses all of their candles in elegant Cambridge glass containers with a silicon lid.

Free Shipping

  • Max Benjamin: Max Benjamin offers free shipping for orders over €50.
  • La Bougie: La Bougie offers free shipping for orders over €50.
  • Lovato: Lovato offers free shipping for orders over €50
  • JacobBear: JacobBear offers free express shipping, no matter the price of the order. If you only want to buy one candle, this is the only option that offers free shipping. The rest of your options will require the purchase of two or three candles in order to obtain free shipping.

We’ll let you decide your next online candle purchase but we’re confident in saying we be beaten on price for quality and performance comparing against candle on market today!

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